Old Wood, collection of floors made of recovered wood


Old Wood is a “noble” collection of reclaimed wood flooring obtained by remilling oak beams salvaged from the restructuring of vintage homes. “Old Wood” beams preserve all the appeal of a material aged by time such as color variations, cracks, knots and nail holes, details that imbue the floor with a unique, natural character.
This elegant collection proposes five different designs: French herringbone, Italian herringbone, Chantilly, Versailles and the traditional multi-layer plank.
The natural beauty of the Old Wood collections is further enhanced through application of artisan techniques based on ancient methods. One of those ancient methods is manually applying an oil finish to complete and exalts all the unparalleled qualities of this superb material.




Technical Specifications | 2d

The 2D and 3D files available are intended exclusively for design purposes. In no event are they to be used as templates for cuts or joints.

The designs contain all of the necessary dimensions (in mm), in accordance with the standard tolerance limits; exact dimensions can be determined only by measuring the finished product. Devon&Devon reserves the right to make changes to the products, which may be subject to changes and variations, without prior notice, including changes as a result of the hand craftmanship involved.

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