Camelot Rame Antico Bathtub


Camelot Antique Copper is a new edition of Devon&Devon’s classic lead tub, maintaining its original shape and proportions. A tub for the centre of the room featuring an enamelled cast iron interior, hand coated in real copper with an antique finish. An exclusive piece with striking hand-made appeal, made with great craftsmanship. A tribute to the oldest traditions of bathroom art.


cm 182 x 81 x 71h


Technical specifications | 2d | 3d | Matching accessories

The 2D and 3D files available are intended exclusively for design purposes. In no event are they to be used as templates for cuts or joints.

The designs contain all of the necessary dimensions (in mm), in accordance with the standard tolerance limits; exact dimensions can be determined only by measuring the finished product. Devon&Devon reserves the right to make changes to the products, which may be subject to changes and variations, without prior notice, including changes as a result of the hand craftmanship involved.

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