A vanity table which pays homage to unconventional femininity of the author’s wife and muse of “The Great Gatsby”, revisiting the classic bedroom dresser in a contemporary key. The dresser frame is defined by the sinuous lines and rounded shapes and by the circumference of the big central mirror having a diameter of 1 metre. The thin and slender legs are made of brass, that is also used for the profiles encircling the diamond mirror and the base of the velvet footstool. The counter top is in marble. Between the two drawers there is a pull-out top covered with velvet. Doors and drawers, in lacquered wood, are available in three versions: an intense powder pink with tones of mauve, this is a shade of colour that Zelda Fitzgerald loved and which she frequently described in her stories; a cream white that emphasizes the formal purity of the vanity table, enhancing the high contrast with the golden light of the brass elements; and a thin two-tone zig-zag pattern inspired by Art Deco, that recalls the materiality of twill fabrics.
All colours can be customized upon request.


cm 155 x 45 x 183h


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The 2D and 3D files available are intended exclusively for design purposes. In no event are they to be used as templates for cuts or joints.

The designs contain all of the necessary dimensions (in mm), in accordance with the standard tolerance limits; exact dimensions can be determined only by measuring the finished product. Devon&Devon reserves the right to make changes to the products, which may be subject to changes and variations, without prior notice, including changes as a result of the hand craftmanship involved.

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