Danish windows for Devon&Devon

Situated at no. 118,Store Kongensgade, the new light and spacious single-brand store enjoys views onto one of the most enchanting parts of the capital in its situation between Nyhavn canal, the city’s old harbour, the historic quarter of Nyboder and the royal palace.

Designed by the brand’s Art Director, architect Paola Tanini, the store houses the brand’s most prestigious collections, and covers a surface area of 160m2. The interior conveys all the elegance, refinement and sluxurious character of the brand, presenting the design portfolio that has made Devon&Devon famous, and including its most recent creations: the Music vanity unit, inspired by the American jazz age, the imposing President bathtub, the traditional Etoile console, and the Season vanity unit.

The scheme also accords considerable prominence to fine floor and wall coverings, such as the Elite Mosaic and Prestige marble flooring collections, – the Intarsia wood flooring collection, as well as more traditional ceramic wall tiles such as the Lambris Bell Flower, Elysees, Brick and Simply collections. The result is a sophisticated balance between tradition and modernity, allure and tasteful elegance.

“Historically, Denmark has always been a leading player in the field of design, thanks to famous architects and designers such as Arne Jacobsen, Hans Wegner and Børge Mogensen”, affirms Gianni Tanini, CEO of Devon&Devon. “The Danish capital will represent a strategic corner stone for our engagement with the Scandinavian market, with which we feel a growing affinity.”

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