During Milano Design Week an exclusive presentation WallPaper Collection



Wallpaper Collection

(In the photo: Francesca Greco - PLUMES 2)

During Milano Design Week, Devon&Devon unveils an exclusive presentation at its Via San Marco 38 store of the brand’s debut Wallpaper Collection, its first portfolio of wallpapers, produced in cooperation with designers Francesca Greco, Nina Farré and Vito Nesta. Created to decorate both bathroom and living areas of the home, this elegant, comprehensive and contemporary proposal is in perfect synthesis with the philosophy of the brand.

“We felt the need to complete our offer with a collection of wallpapers that enabled us to enhance the decorative possibilities for private homes, residential projects and hotels,” explains Gianni Tanini, Devon&Devon CEO, “Therefore, we decided to work together with emerging design talent, sharing through this collaboration a completely new creative process for the brand which has resulted in a significant and extensively broad collection”.

“We are delighted,”comments Teresa Tanini Devon&Devon Marketing and Communication Manager,“to launch a project completely “Made In Italy”, from conception, to design and production”.

The Devon&Devon Wallpaper Collection adapts perfectly and seamlessly to a wide variety of different contexts, suggesting interior ambiances from the classical to the exquisitely eccentric.

The 32 themes selected range from geometrical motifs to three-dimensional and optical effects, to motifs inspired by Art Deco, together with oriental and arabesque patterns, including brightly-coloured and surreal floral and animal motifs. In addition, imagery includes goldfish, dreamlike landscapes and retro fabrics, all perfect for designing fascinating, eclectic atmospheres. Every pattern is proposed in several choices and combinations of colour, for a total of 126 different designs.

The Devon&Devon technical department will provide a service to assist each customer in creating a personalised scheme for application.

Click here to give a look to the preview of the collection.

IMPORTANT: All the technical and commercial information will be communicated when the complete Devon&Devon Wallpaper Collection catalogue will be released and distributed.

(In the photo: Francesca Greco - CARDOON 3)



Nina Farré took her first steps as a designer in India, learning the ancient manufacturing techniques that she uses to create a variety of original graphic effects. As both a fashion and interior designer, Nina Farré enjoys exploring a range of graphic styles: this freedom and eclecticism makes her work immediately recognizable and, at the same time, elusive to categorisation. In 2016, Nina Farré developed a concept for designs using the white stone of the Mediterranean, through which she came into contact with Devon&Devon.


A painter and illustrator, Francesca Greco began working with both Italian and international publishers after studying art and literature, Her books are published in many countries from the United States to China.
Her artistic catalogue ranges from painting to sculpture and to wooden games, and from the design of fabrics to ceramics. In her atelier, she creates countless poetic objects, each with its own character and identity: purely unique items.
Born in Foligno, she lives and works between Umbria and Tuscany.


Born in Puglia but adopted a long time ago by the city of Milan, Vito Nesta graduated in Interior Design in Florence. Designer, art director, interior decorator and craftsman, Vito Nesta is animated by an enormous curiosity for the vast variety of foreign cultures. Travel is the constant of his training. His work as a designer is inspired by graphic design, architecture, photography and painting.
He collaborates with brands such as Riva 1920, Les Ottomans, Karpeta, Effetto Vetro,Texturae, Cadriano, Secondo Me Gallery, My Home Collection and Fratelli Majello.

(In the photo: Nina Farré - TAPISSERIE BLACK)


The Devon&Devon Wallpaper Collection is a top-quality product attentive to the environment and aims to be as eco-friendly and eco-compatible as possible. The vinyl wallpaper is printed on the upper part of the vinyl backing and on the back of a TNT sheet which guarantees high level stability during application and removal. It is easy to wash, flame-retardant, does not shrink, does not lose its shape and does not tear during gluing. The wallpapers are cut using high-tech machinery, guaranteed by international patents, that permits perfect vertical cutting that follows the image with maximum precision, ideal for cutting the images that are applied one after the other

The water-based inks used are non-flammable, non-combustible, odorless and nickel free. The high quality of the inks is ideal for covering large or small areas.

(In the photo: Vito Nesta - GIACARTA GLOAMING)
(In the photo: Nina Farré - SAMODE LAVANDE)
(In the photo: Vito Nesta - MAJESTIC GOLD)
(In the photo: Francesca Greco - RAIN FOREST 3)

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