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Exclusion of Guarantees

Devon offers this Website with no guarantee regarding its continuity and its contents. In particular, Devon does not provide any express or implicit guarantee regarding the Website and its contents with reference to ownership of the information contained therein, the absence of potentially harmful programmes (such as viruses, worms and Trojan horses) and the suitability of the contents for specific purposes or commercial uses. Devon does not guarantee in any way that the information contained in this Website is accurate, complete and updated, that the Website is free from defects or that any defects will be corrected. By accessing the Website you acknowledge the fact that any use of the same is made at your exclusive risk and danger; in particular, you agree to accept the risk of each and any loss of data, impossibility of use and repair costs of IT equipment and programmes used by you for accessing and using the Website. Devon will not be in any way liable for direct, indirect, specific or generic damages of any nature, irrespective of whether or not Devon is aware of the possibility that those damages may be produced in relation to use of this Website. If the possibility of excluding implicit guarantees is not recognised by a specific legal system, the content of the exclusions above may not, in whole or in part, be applied.

Limitation of Liability

Devon will not be liable in any way, by way of contractual or tort liability, for any direct or indirect, current or potential, specific or generic damage that may derive from the use, lack of use and/or performance of any product, information or content present on the Website (irrespective of whether or not Devon was aware of the possibility of producing that damage).

Copyright, Trademarks and Other Intellectual Property Rights

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By accessing the Website you undertake to indemnify, hold harmless and defend Devon, its subsidiaries and associates, its employees, directors and shareholders from any claim by third parties, damage, loss, cost, expense (including any respective legal and judicial costs duly incurred) deriving from your use of the Website or in relation to it.


All contributions or materials sent to Devon via the Website, therein including questions, comments, suggestions and the like, relating to the Website content (“Contributions”) will be considered to be non-confidential. In particular, Devon will not be in any way obligated in relation to those Contributions and may freely copy, use, utilise, disclose to third parties, display, modify, create works of derivative nature and/or publish the Contributions without any limitation or payment of any fee. In addition to the foregoing, Devon reserves the right to use, without the obligation to pay any fee and/or compensation, ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques contained in the Contributions for any purpose, therein including, by way of example, the production and/or marketing of products incorporating those Contributions.

Links and Information from Third Party Sources

This Website may contain references to other websites and social media profiles (“Links”). Devon declines any liability in relation to the contents and material accessible on those websites or in any case obtainable via the same. All Links to other websites, along with every reference to information originating from third parties, may not in any way be deemed to be an express or implicit endorsement by Devon. Questions and/or comments relating to the websites cited by Links must be sent only to the administrators of those websites. This Website may also contain information originating from third party sources, duly indicated each time, to which you must exclusively refer for any issue relating to their accuracy, truthfulness and completeness.


Devon's products depicted on this Website are representative of the Devon collection. Therefore, this Website does not necessarily contain all Devon's products and all products displayed on this Website may not necessarily be available in all Devon's stores. Devon reserves the right to change without prior notice the style, design and colours of the products. The information published by Devon on the Website may contain references to products, initiatives and services of Devon or its subsidiaries that may not be available in your country. Those references do not imply Devon's intention to announce those products, initiatives and services in your country. Please therefore consult Devon's local representatives regarding the products, programmes and services available in your country.

Exclusion of Liability

The material contained on this Website may contain inaccurate information and typographical errors. Devon declines any liability in relation to losses or damages caused or connected to the reliance made by Website users on the information contained on the same. Therefore, it is your responsibility to assess independently the accuracy of the information published on this Website. Devon reserves the right to change the Website and its contents at any time without the obligation of prior or later communication.

Unauthorised Accesses and Use of the Website

The Website users are authorised only to consult the documents indicated on the menus of the same. It is prohibited to make any unauthorised attempt to overcome or avoid the Website protections, to use operating systems that make the Website function, or are connected to the Website, for uses other than those for which they are intended and to hinder its use by authorised users as well as to access, obtain, destroy, alter or damage information contained therein or to interfere with those systems. Any such conduct/action will immediately be brought to the attention of the competent authorities and prosecuted in all competent civil and criminal venues in accordance with existing laws and international conventions.


Data transmissions via the Internet are not guaranteed to be entirely secure. Third parties may, beyond Devon's control, be able to intercept private transmissions or communications sent on the Website without Devon's permission or knowledge. Devon undertakes, insofar as possible, to protect your personal information; however, it cannot ensure or guarantee the security of any information sent by you. Those data transmissions are made at your own risk and Devon shall not be held liable in any way for any security breach that is not directly attributable to the negligent conduct of Devon itself.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

You are aware of the fact that by accessing the Website you accept Italian law. These Terms and Conditions are regulated and interpreted in conformity with Italian law and are subject to it: any action deriving from or relating to the Terms and Conditions will be dealt with under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Florence, Italy. With regard to the correct interpretation of these Terms and Conditions, if there is any discrepancy between the original text in Italian and its translation into any other language, the original text in Italian will be considered to be the binding version.