On the road to Mongolia!



On the road to Mongolia!

Devon&Devon is the premium sponsor of the Mongol Night Fever - the Funky Team of Mongol Rally 2017 that will take part in the legendary Mongol Rally, a non-competitive charity rally, started in 2001, which brings together adventurous travelers from all over the world on the route from London to Ulan Bator.

Today, Wednesday 19th, the Italian team ("the disco funk team" as they call themselves!), made up of Giuseppe Greppi, a 20-year-old student in architecture at Politecnico, and Giulio Barbieri, 23, engineer and pilot, will finally leave Milan on board of a fabulous Fiat Panda named Rebecca!

Step by step we will follow them along the route that will take them to

Ulan Bator, Mongolia, for a wonderful objective: doing charity for Cool Earth, an organization that fights for rainforest protection and for Handicap su la testa a no profit organization that works with intellectual disabilities.

In line with the philosophy of the brand, the Mongol Rally, represents the journey, the discovery of new horizons and inspirations from the world.

"Created in Florence, Inspired by the World." has never been so true.

Ready to go?

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