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A collection of bathtubs with a unique style and timeless charm reinvents the pleasure of the customary bath

Made in Italy, craftsmanship, customization: Devon&Devon bathtubs

Cast iron, inset and White Tec bathtubs making any environment exclusive, elegant and luxurious.

The bathtub has multiple meanings: it is a space to live one’s own privacy; it is an ideal moment for relax and the body wellness; it is a real design object which delights your eyes and heart. Devon&Devon expresses an exclusive way of living the home also through its bathtubs, made by using top quality materials and the extraordinary skills of its craftsmen. Being in cast iron, inset or White Tec, the unique and timeless style of each bathtub is the result of a completely made in Italy craftsmanship, which is inspired by remote suggestions: the luxury of the Victorian Age and of the French eighteenth century; the elegance of the Belle Epoque and of the 1950s; the forms of neoclassical architecture and of the American Art Deco. Before choosing these accessories, the available area and the model to be inserted in your spaces must be taken into account. A bathtub with feet is ideal for the main bathroom of an extra-luxury hotel suite; a freestanding is perfectly combined with the bathroom of a luxury villa; a corner bathtub, symbol of the 1950s “important” bathroom, acquires particular elegance in a super exclusive apartment. The built-in bathtub, with its essential harmony and modern design, makes the extra-luxury Spa bathroom unique. Therefore, the environments play and merge with the shapes and colours of our bathtubs, most of which can be customized in more than 500 nuances. The Devon&Devon bathtubs, with a retro soul and an intimately vintage taste, revisit the best of the European tradition and the 20th-century design, but with an attentive focus on the present, so that the space dedicated pre-eminently to self-care – your bathroom – is unique and original.

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