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Bathroom décor


Solutions for the home, the hotel and contract sectors conceived to furnish refinedly elegant areas

A refined design and a new concept of timeless elegance for Devon&Devon bath decor

Make your bathroom unique with vanity units, glass cabinets and consoles inspired by a retro style

The bathroom is a combination of different elements which coexist well together according to an harmony given by each piece that composes it. For three decades, Devon&Devon has been inventing and reinventing products and collections which have changed forever the way of living the bathroom, and its decor contributes to make this area complete and coordinated. Vanity units with many stylistic references, consoles with a strong aesthetic impact, glass cabinets with a marked decorative character: every piece is the result of the brand’s artisan tradition, inspired by the present, which changes each element and combines it with ancient suggestions coming from the European culture as well as from the charming architectures and the most refined American design of the twentieth century. The elegance, luxury and craftsmanship of Devon&Devon bath decor are made available to the home, the hôtellerie, the contract, and allow you to customize any area, thus adjusting to both spacious and smaller environments. From the basins to vanity tables, every bath piece is a silent expression of the taste and the way of enjoying the home by Devon&Devon.

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