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Bath Consoles

Top quality materials and sinuous shapes for the classic-inspired Devon&Devon consoles, reinterpreted with contemporary taste

Make your bathroom unique with retro-inspired consoles, real design products handmade by Devon&Devon skillful craftsmen.

A wise combination of tradition and modernity, comfort and refinement, Devon&Devon, consoles introduce again a new and original way of changing the classic design. The consoles, having a decisive aesthetic impact, generous volumes and elegantly harmonious dimensions, are also perfect for large and open spaces, blending with the surrounding environment; even the small consoles characterized by a great aesthetic impact, a light and functional structure, originally outline the classical and contemporary environments that are more intimate. Our craftsmen’s skills allow blending heterogeneous materials with a strong contamination of stylistic inspirations: geometric patterns recalling the typical design of luxury vintage cars, shapes and finishes being a sophisticated homage to Art Deco, timeless proportions and charm typical of the luxury and taste of the Anglo-Saxon tradition of the late nineteenth century. The charme of marble blends with the functionality of ceramics, the aluminium with polished brass elements and the possibility of customizing the materials and finishes of the bath consoles, are only one of the services offered by Devon&Devon to make the bathroom the perfect combination of love for tradition and practicality.

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