Loft, Vienna

Project by
Architettura21 ZT GmbH
Arch. Tobias Kreuzer
Arch. Serenella Zoppolat
Werkraum Engineers ZT Ltd.
In collaboration with:
András Süle
Carla Puccinelli
Photo by Heidi Pein
The Aurora Bijoux freestanding bathtub, set in the centre of the master bathroom flooded with natural light, sits on a pale Travertine marble floor and is reflected in the mirrored wall beside the shower. This space, with its exclusive atmosphere, is the most private area of a magnificent loft spanning three floors in a prestigious 19th century aristocratic palace located in the old town centre of Vienna. The palace was originally designed by Ludwig Tischler, one of the most prolific architects of the Austro-Hungarian Empire: he conceived over two hundred and fifty buildings in Vienna alone, which have helped shape the city’s unmistakeable monumental heritage. The careful restoration work - carried out by Tobias Kreuzer and Serenella Zoppolat of the Architectura21 studio and concluded in 2018 - offers a new take on the original, eclectic style of Baroque inspiration, overturning Tischler’s anti-Modernist perspective. It also involved reinterpreting the majestic dome in a markedly contemporary key, transforming it into a multi-purpose space spanning several levels, connected by a curved staircase in steel and glass. Its oval windows - and extensive roof terrace - afford a breathtaking panoramic view of the old town centre: a perfect coup de théâtre at the conclusion of an extraordinary journey through the history of the architecture of the last few centuries.