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Glass-Fiber Reinforced Plastic Bathtubs


Beautiful, comfortable and strong built-in bathtubs

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Sober charm, original design, refined and timeless elegance: fiberglass-reinforced bathtubs

Make your bathroom unique thanks to the fiberglass-reinforced bathtubs: a real design product

The Devon&Devon charming fiberglass-reinforced bathtubs have their origins in the brand’s love for the home considered as a place where you feel well and where any element plays its role, with an attentive focus on details. The unique, original and recognizable design of these creations is the result of a wise combination of functionality and beauty, of contemporaneity and inspirations coming from the past: the formal purity of antiquity; the neoromantic touch inspired by the English tradition of the later 19th century; the great American design of the twentieth century.

The beauty and comfort characterize our fiberglass-reinforced built-in bathtubs, designed to furnish highly sophisticated and luxury areas never emphasized. They are in fact destined to the home, the hôtellerie and the contract and they can transform the bathroom where they are located, from a functional place into a unique and customized area, completely changing the way of enjoying the bathroom.

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