Holiday House, Warmia

Project by Taff-Architekci
Arch. Paulina Taff-Piotrowska
Surrounded by the enchanting landscape of a magnificent lakeside region in north-eastern Poland, this luxurious private residence was designed by the Taff-Architekci studio as a perfect holiday retreat. The interior design, in a classic-contemporary style, is built around a colour palette that favours white and beige, in harmonious dialogue with black elements that give the spaces a touch of sophisticated elegance. The beautiful double-height living room, the large windows and the many glass doors flood the house with air and light, guaranteeing spectacular views of the surrounding countryside, while precious salvaged elements such as the kitchen floor specially flown in from France give the whole setting a sophisticated retro charm. In the bathrooms, the task of creating the same refined atmosphere is entrusted to the iconic Celine freestanding bathtub and the neoclassical lines of the Season vanity unit, enhanced by the 19th-century-inspired Black Dandy taps, also used in the shower.