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Handicrafts, retro atmospheres and all the comfort of a warmth preserved for a long time

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Devon&Devon cast iron bathtub: a tribute to the most ancient art of bath

The unique, original and timeless style by Devon&Devon exalts many ways of understanding beauty that are expressed through shapes and materials which make the product unique. The cast iron bathtub satisfies the steady demand for classic and timeless creations, combined with the modern principles of functionality and refined elegance. The bathtub with cast iron feet, clearly inspired by a retro style, can be located in the middle of the room, it is a collector’s piece recalling elegance and charme. Inspirations and suggestions from the European Neoclassicism, stylistic nuances typical of the 1950s and of the American Art Deco: each cast iron bathtub is characterized by an unconventional design.
The possibilities of customizing, thanks to the choice of feet and some among over 500 available nuances, express Devon&Devon’s will to offer a personal and unique bathroom, inspired by ancient traditions.

Talent, love, craftsmanship: Devon&Devon cast iron bathtub makes the bathroom a unique and personal environment

The excellence of the entirely Italian-made materials and the extraordinary craftsmanship, are most evident in the Devon&Devon cast iron bathtub liner. Made of real antique-copper-finish, lead, polished aluminium or enriched with geometric patterns, our bathtub liner enhances the elegance of a bathroom plunged into a timeless space. For those who are looking for an essential design, harmonious shapes and subdued colours, our company offers built-in bathtubs, to change the way of living your bathroom forever.

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