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Classic inspiration, innovative materials and perfect dimensions for contemporary spaces

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Devon&Devon inset baths: classic inspiration, innovative materials and perfect dimensions for contemporary spaces

The charm of the Devon&Devon inset baths lies in their extraordinary comfort and their minimal design that makes them stand out, ideal for bathrooms with a custom-designed look, crafted for the pleasure of those who use them.

Functionality and exquisite aesthetics, contemporary flair and tradition mingle harmoniously in unique, original bath tubs that are instantly recognisable, reinterpreting the elegance and formal purity of classical antiquity, while providing a new take on sophisticated English styles.

The passion of Devon&Devon for the quality of its raw materials and the high level of craftsmanship that goes into its handmade production processes is the result of the brand’s extraordinary artisan and artistic tradition. Thanks to the use of cast iron, which retains the heat of the water at length, or White Tec, an innovative blend produced exclusively for Devon&Devon in compliance with the highest standards of quality and sustainability, the exclusivity and comfort of each inset bath are guaranteed to be second to none.

Dedicated to the home, the place we want to return to and where we feel good, the Devon&Devon inset baths are perfect for large and small spaces exuding a sophisticated elegance and an understated sense of luxury. They have the extraordinary ability to redefine the environment that hosts them, changing it from practical area to unique, personalised space and completely changing the way we perceive the bathroom.

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