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Devon&Devon Lifestyle Objects Collection: unique lifestyle objects

Discover the collection of sophisticated, exclusive lifestyle products inspired by the distinctive style of Devon&Devon.

The Devon&Devon Lifestyle Objects Collection offers an entire store of lifestyle objects inspired by the brand’s iconic style.

The collaboration with Fabriano, the oldest paper manufacturer in Italy, has produced exclusive notebooks made with eco-friendly paper: small A5 format notebooks ideal for taking notes, making sketches, and organising thoughts and plans. The notebook with the coloured cover is inspired by the iconic floral wallpaper Botanica Dark, designed for Devon&Devon's Wallpaper Collection by Vito Nesta, while the version with the black cover is inspired by the most iconic Devon&Devon products.

Accessories offer another way to pay homage to the history and style of Devon&Devon, such as with the beautiful, eco-friendly, responsible shopping bag, a roomy tote in organic cotton guaranteed for over 5000 uses, made in India by an ethical company which respects the highest standards in terms of social and environmental sustainability.

The unique, original, instantly recognisable design of Devon&Devon is the result of a masterful blend of functionality and fine aesthetics. One example of this are our face masks, perfect for taking care of others and the planet. They come in two Art Deco-inspired patterns, taken from the iconic Devon&Devon wallpapers. Made of recycled, compostable cotton, the masks are washable and can be reused up to fifty times. The kit includes a luxury cotton pouch with satin finish and two fully compliant eco-sustainable and eco-friendly, anti-virus masks, also suitable for the most sensitive skins.

Discover all the Devon&Devon Lifestyle Objects Collection products: luxury items of timeless appeal featuring the unique, distinctive design of Devon&Devon.

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