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Devon&Devon Outlet Furnishings: vanity units and consoles, cabinets, shower curtains and towel warmers to give your bathroom an elegant, classic touch, at discounted prices

Elegance, luxury and fine Italian craftsmanship in a unique collection, capable of changing the way we experience the bathroom forever.

For three decades, Devon&Devon has invented and reinvented collections that have changed the way we experience the bathroom forever, with painstaking attention to detail. The outlet furnishings range offers out-of-catalogue products and exhibition display pieces at unique, discounted prices. Collections that have gone down in the brand history, becoming essential elements which today, as they did yesterday, help make the bathroom environment complete and coordinated, exclusive and customised.

The vanity units and consoles combine elegant design with their designated function in the space where they are located, making them practical to use without ever forgoing an extremely well-designed classic, yet contemporary look.

Instead, the cabinets are the perfect example of the clear, expert combination of contemporary style and past inspirations, where the extraordinary pure forms and refined finishes blend with the simplicity of the glass surfaces, making these creations a highly versatile furnishing accessory.

The elegance, luxury and classic, traditional style of the Devon&Devon outlet furnishings is also expressed in what are usually considered the more functional elements of the bathroom, like shower curtains and towel warmers. Instead here these objects are real style statements that adapt to complement both spacious environments and smaller interiors, sized to meet all modern living requirements to perfection.

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