333 Central Park Apartment, New York

Credits: Photography by Kirsten Francis
Styling by Katja Greeff
General contractor: KJ Remodeling
A prestigious early 20th-century building designed by Albert Joseph Bodker overlooks Central Park with its unmistakable beige brick facade (a tribute to Italian Renaissance architecture) embellished with a stone base adorned with male and female figures, arched windows and wrought-iron balconies. Inside, one apartment was recently renovated to become a luxurious family home, characterised by high ceilings and exquisite period features such as elegant mouldings and original wooden floors. The large windows and interior glass doors flood the rooms with light, which rests - softly - on the white and pastel blue walls, the light-coloured upholstered seats, the neutral-coloured weave carpets and the magnificent Art Deco lamps. The bathrooms are also clear and bright, clad with white tiles in contrast with the Prestige Plain Nero Marquinha marble floors and enriched by the refined retro design of the Rose and Melody consoles and the vintage lines of the Fairy mirror and Moonlight lamp.