Quarries suspended between sea and sky:in Carrara, among the marbles of Devon&Devon - Devon&Devon
On the Metal Hills,between the secrets of porcelain and White Tec - Devon&Devon


On the Metal Hills,
between the secrets of porcelain and White Tec

From the volcanic vents of Lardarelloan invitation to pamper yourself - Devon&Devon
Colours tailored to your dreams - Devon&Devon


Colours tailored to your dreams


Milan Design Festival: Devon&Devon presents

The Florentine inspiration

Milano Design Week: the Timeless Attitude Cocktail Party of Devon&Devon - Devon&Devon

20 | 04 | 2024

Gender equality: Devon&Devon certifies its commitment - Devon&Devon

27 | 03 | 2024

Devon&Devon celebrated its first 35 years at the Milano Design Week - Devon&Devon

23 | 03 | 2024

Devon&Devon is a FAI Corporate Golden Donor - Devon&Devon

18 | 01 | 2024

Devon&Devon is an Italian company based in Florence that designs and produces luxury products for the bathroom and custom solutions with a distinctive sartorial feel for the home, assisting customers in making their design choices, and paying meticulous attention to every last detail of the project. Its complete, coordinated collections include products for the bathroom environment (bathroom suites, modern and classic bathtubs, showers, bathroom furniture, shower mixers and showerheads, bathroom accessories, cabinets and consoles); and solutions for the whole house, such as bathroom floorings and bathroom wall coverings in marble ceramic and wood, bathroom wallpaper, bathroom mirrors, bathroom lights and wall lights and a whole boutique of lifestyle objects inspired by the brand’s iconic style. Architects, interior designers and contractors can benefit from an exclusive free consultancy service with the Devon&Devon experts, to find complete solutions for luxury classic bathrooms and luxury modern bathrooms and create exclusive residential and hotel projects.