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Devon&Devon Bathroom mirrors: handmade with style and elegance

Retro-inspired frames for large and small mirrors, capable of giving a refined and elegant touch to any bathroom

There is not any bathroom that does not include a mirror. Devon&Devon mirrors are real design products, resulting from a rigorously handmade work and a great passion for a high quality raw material. The brand offers models equipped with frames with original motifs which enhance their delicacy, while keeping intact the strong decorative character; other large mirrors refer to Victorian ambiences; others have a great aesthetic impact and an absolutely glamour look. Classic and baroque inspirations, references to Art Deco and Art Nouveau, all of them have a common characteristic: the incomparable value of craftsmanship. The choice of one of Devon&Devon mirrors is linked to a home project where every piece adjust to the surrounding environment, in a complete furnishing project with an exclusive aesthetic impact.

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