Alessia Bossi and Alberto Nespoli’s house, Milan


The first joint project of a creative couple in love with beauty, the home of Alessia Bossi (co-founder of the events and digital strategy agency We Are Lovers) and interior designer and planner Alberto Nespoli (Eligo studio) is the perfect translation of the extraordinary harmony generated by the dialogue between complementary diversities. The apartment, located in a beautiful 1930s building in Milan, has been redesigned preserving many original elements of retro taste, reinterpreted with a fresh look by combining them with works of art, design objects and customised furnishing solutions with a distinctly contemporary style. Where there was once a kitchen, there is now a large bathroom whose perfect balance of past and present is due to the juxtaposition of black resin flooring, the Celine bathtub with glossy finish and sanitaryware and accessories from the Classica line. Total Devon&Devon look also for the guest bathroom, whose door opens onto the neo-romantic lines of the Etoile console.