The debut of Holiday, in Palazzo Corsini for
“Artigianato e Palazzo”

To present the product which, more than any other, is proof of the company’s ability to innovate in terms of design and material research, Devon&Devon has chosen to return to its origins. And in fact to the very beginning of its story, which started thirty-one years ago, and of the classic-contemporary taste of its collections, which has its roots firmly planted in the beauty of Florentine architecture. 
The backdrop chosen for the presentation of the bathtub designed by US studio Gensler for Devon&Devon was Palazzo Corsini al Prato, prestigious private home of one of Italy’s most illustrious families.
For act one of the mise-en-scène leading up to its debut, Holiday was the protagonist of an amazing visual dialogue with the 16th century architecture of the Loggia del Buontalenti, decorated with ancient marble, and with the magnificent gardens designed by Gherardo Silvani for Prince Filippo Corsini exactly 400 years ago.
In a veritable coup de théâtre, the second act was then set in the 17th century ballroom of the Palace: there, a comparison was drawn between the origins of the unmistakeable style of Holiday and its exquisite crafting process and the copy (made for the occasion by master craftsman Filippo Tattini) of the statue of Morgana sculpted around 1570 by Giambologna. The work was set on a base in White Tec Plus and Calacatta Oro marble, the same materials used for Holiday.
Thanks to a fundraising campaign also supported by Devon&Devon, the sculpture will soon be relocated in its original context, inside the splendid Nymphaeum of the Fairies in the grounds of Villa “Il Riposo”, in the countryside of Bagno a Ripoli, Florence.
The presentation of Holiday was staged from 17 to 20 September as part of “Artigianato e Palazzo”, the event conceived twenty-five years ago by Princess Giorgiana Corsini, together with Neri Torrigiani, to celebrate and promote the finest Italian craftsmanship worldwide.