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White Tec Bathtubs


The European tradition is reinterpreted with an innovative material, produced exclusively for Devon&Devon

The philosophy of living is characterized by particulars that make the difference: Devon&Devon White Tec bathtubs

Discover the White Tec bathtubs, a blend conceived exclusively for Devon&Devon, ideal for original bathrooms

Neoromantic inspirations, elegant classic shapes, lapidary design and contemporary harmony for our White Tec bathtubs, a blend conceived and processed exclusively for Devon&Devon to guarantee high technical performances in conformity with the highest quality and environmental standards. The European tradition is reinterpreted, through an innovative material, with creations dedicated to the home, the hôtellerie and the contract to furnish very refined areas. The unique, original and recognizable design of these creations is the result of a wise combination of functionality and beauty, of contemporaneity and inspirations coming from the past. The stylistic and tailoring approach, a brand’s hallmark, is the result of bathtubs designed to furnish highly sophisticated and luxury areas never emphasized.
The White Tec bathtubs, with their ordered harmony and chromatic versatility, are in fact the perfect combination of tradition and innovation, the unequivocal result of the blend of the ancient style with the best of today’s quality.

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