Boho Apartment, Taiwan



Project by Entalcev Konstantin
In Taipei, a small 60 square metre apartment has recently been renovated to become the home of a young cosmopolitan family. The space, completely open with no dividing walls, is functional and comfortable. A skilful combination of natural light and artificial lighting shapes the different areas, marking the transition from one to the other with surprising naturalness. East and West, brutalism and decoration stand side by side thanks to an extraordinary stylistic balance: bare neon tubes hanging from the ceiling, raw concrete walls and floors and natural wood furniture perform in an endless duet with paintings and votive statues, sofas and designer armchairs. Modernity and tradition, natural and artificial also come together in the original bathroom, designed around the iconic Aurora freestanding bathtub, whose purity is framed by a glossy ceramic wall with an organic yet admittedly artificial texture.