Clinica Gastronomica Arnaldo restaurant, Rubiera

Location: Ristorante Clinica Gastronomica Arnaldo
Project by Italcer Group
‘This restaurant was first awarded a Michelin star in 1959, which makes it the longest-held star in Italy. By crossing the threshold of the 13th-century building, you enter a world charged with atmosphere and nostalgia. If you are looking for an authentic and tasty meal that celebrates the traditions of Emilia in all their glory, you’ve come to the right place'. This is how the Michelin Guide celebrates Clinica Gastronomica Arnaldo, the only Italian restaurant to have continuously had a Michelin star from the 1950s until today. Little has changed since then in the menu, and in the rooms of this true icon of old-fashioned cuisine, and even the new bathrooms pay homage to the timeless atmosphere that makes this place unique. To create them, Devon&Devon collaborated with another company of the Italcer Group, Ceramica Rondine, whose headquarters are located close to the restaurant. Ceramica Rondine supplied the Nolita coverings, in terracotta-effect porcelain stoneware, and the Canova floor tiles, in marble-effect porcelain stoneware, also used for the custom shelves that house the washbasins. The Devon&Devon collections present the retro beauty of the Astoria under countertop basins with Black Dandy taps, as well as the New Etoile mirrors, lamps, accessories and sanitaryware.