Devon&Devon is a FAI Corporate Golden Donor

73 historical, artistic and natural heritage sites rescued and managed to date, 8 million square metres of landscape protected, 30,000 works of art and 40,000 old books catalogued and protected, 1 million visitors in 2022 alone: these impressive figures speak volumes about the importance and value of FAI - the Italian Environmental Fund’s commitment to Italy’s artistic and environmental heritage.
A commitment that Devon&Devon has decided to support by becoming a FAI Corporate Golden Donor. “We are particularly pleased to be involved in this programme,” explains Graziano Verdi, CEO of Devon&Devon and the Italcer Group, “not only because it allows us to contribute to the rebirth and protection of priceless historical, artistic and landscape treasures throughout the country, helping make them accessible, but also because it gives back some of the beauty and harmony from which our living philosophy and our home and bathroom collections have always been inspired to our country.”
For almost fifty years, FAI has been recovering, protecting and showcasing splendid artistic and natural treasures throughout Italy, promoting education in the knowledge, respect and care of Italy’s artistic and natural heritage, and monitoring its protection by acting as a spokesperson for the demands of civil society.
By supporting FAI, Devon&Devon confirms the Italcer Group’s social commitment and its ongoing investment in Italy and the communities that live there.