Family Home, Budapest


Project by Motifa Design
Fanni Sokorai-Gyurics
and Mònica Szommer
Photos by Gabor Tasi
A clever blend of echoes of the past and a love of the present, of classic composure and a typically British sense of humour define the unique personality of a family home recently restored and extended by Fanni Sokorai-Gyurics and Mónika Szommer of Motifa design. In line with the passions of the owners, who collect books and works of art, the heart of the home is a library with an exquisitely classic layout and a bright hallway that not only connects the two wings of the building but also functions as a gallery for exhibitions. In the private rooms, pastel shades and refined details, such as the coffered doors of the two wardrobes, create a private, cosy mood that continues through to the master bathroom. Here the centrepiece is the Regal Colors cast iron freestanding bathtub, in a grey aluminium laminated finish. Spectacularly illuminated by an exquisite golden chandelier, the bathtub creates a perfect play of harmonious contrasts with the surfaces and furnishings in the room, all characterised by an almost minimalist linearity.