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The harmony of the geometrical designs and the sobriety of the shapes and all the best of the most advanced technologies

Devon&Devon Floorings: aesthetic perfection, high performances, strong decorative character

Stoneware, marble, wood and ceramic floorings to make every place a house where you feel good and wish to come back

Marble, porcelain stoneware, wood or ceramic: Devon&Devon floorings are exclusive interior design solutions dedicated to whole the house, capable of offering unique inspirations to design highly sophisticated and very refined environments. The precious collections of marble floorings are made with a selection of very fine materials, by highly skilled craftsmen, and are characterized by a wide range of tones, geometric patterns and decorations which make possible several and elegant modular combinations. The collections of stoneware are also prestigious and are characterized by a lot of designs and their ability to combine style and elegance, technology and tradition in a unique solution with a strong decorative impact. Wood gives a unique and natural aspect to the floor, due to the combination of different elements: if in some of them the charm is enhanced by its drawings, geometric patterns and colours, in other combinations the most natural aspects of the material – from nodes to grains up to the marks of time due to the use of the recovered wood – make the floor a real masterpiece, made through works of fine craftsmanship according to very ancient methods and techniques.

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