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Bathroom vanity units

Timeless objects to make your bathroom luxurious, elegant and customized: Devon&Devon vanity units

Furnish your bathroom with luxury vanity units and a retro-inspired design

Designed to furnish the most refined environments with style, the bathroom furniture must be able to combine the elegance, the compact geometric patterns and the fluent lines of the design, with its function in the environment itself, making it usable without ever neglecting the beauty. Devon&Devon bathroom furniture pays homage to the American Deco furnishings of the 1940s, to the elegance and the refined lines of the “Roaring Twenties”, to the great American chapter of the Bauhaus design and its functional and elegant aspect, makes every piece perfect for highly sophisticated and chic atmospheres. Whether it is a small vanity unit with a strong and rigorous character or a washbasin unit with fine finishes, in each piece there are high quality materials, a design enhancing the most precious works of fine craftsmanship and a practical functionality.

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