Cour Du Corbeau Hotel, Strasbourg

Project by Cour Du Corbeau Hotel, Strasbourg
Photos by Philippe Sautier
Documented as a post house since 1528, the Cour du Corbeau Hotel is a place of unique charm in the heart of Strasbourg, a stone’s throw from the city’s cathedral. Renowned as one of the oldest hotels in Europe, it is an outstanding example of Renaissance hospitality architecture. Over the centuries, it hosted generals, princes and emperors, and was later turned into a glass factory. Abandoned in the 1930s, the Cour du Corbeau was brought back to life in the early 2000s thanks to an impressive restoration, returning the interior and exterior to their former glory, leaving the building unmistakable thanks to the magnificent carved wooden façades and balustrades. Its 63 rooms - all different - offer the same experience of an intimate, comfortable stay and the same feeling of a progressive discovery of secrets buried by time. This magical setting is the perfect home for the precious iridescent reflections of the Admiral Lux bathtub and the sophisticated elegance of the Tiffany console and First Class mirror.