Hotel de charme Torre a Cona, Tuscany

Project by Torre a Cona
Photos by Andrea Vierucci
Surrounded by 200 hectares of Italian-style gardens, oak and holly oak woods, vineyards and olive groves, the splendid Villa of the Rossi di Montelera Counts is a historical residence in late Renaissance style offering guests a full immersion in the charm of the Tuscan countryside. Originally a watchtower of the medieval Castle of Quona, it subsequently became the luxury country estate of the powerful Florentine Rinuccini family. Today it still retains the intimate atmosphere of a mansion. The twenty rooms, all different, were furnished and decorated by the lady of the house, combining ancient furniture, precious fabrics and contemporary accessories. One element that makes the stay unique is the bathing ritual: in each of the “salles de bains” the freestanding Admiral cast iron bathtub has been placed in a position that affords those who want to lie back and relax to the pleasure of the magnificent panorama that opens up beyond the ancient windows.