Hotel Margutta 19, Rome

Project by Arassociati
Hotel Margutta 19
In the heart of the historic centre of the Eternal City, an ancient four-storey building has been completely renovated by Arassociati studio in a successful fusion of classical Roman atmospheres and the desire to fulfil the needs of international guests. Its luxurious suites, offering unexpected views over the greenery of the beautiful private garden nestled on the slopes of the Pincian Hill, are characterised by textured plasterwork that gives the surfaces a velvety texture, and by wooden panelling in perfect harmony with the colours of the walls and furnishings. The same warm, soft tones bring to life the large bathrooms, in which the monolithic silhouette and elegant mouldings of the Diva freestanding bathtub, echoing the Dolce Vita, stand out for their style and striking impact.