Monsignor della Casa Castle, Tuscany

Project by studio AMDB
Arch. Daniela Bianchi and
Arch. Alessandro Marcattilj
Photos by Pietro Savorelli
Located in the heart of Tuscany at its most authentic, the villa that was once home to Giovanni della Casa, author of the most famous handbook of good manners (“Galateo: The Rules of Polite Behaviour”), is today a luxurious stately home that hosts an international clientele. The building which dates back to the 15th century, and the magnificent grounds surrounding it, were the subject of a delicate preservative restoration carried out by architects Daniela Bianchi and Alessandro Marcattilj (of the AMDB architecture firm), using materials and finishes characteristic of the local tradition. The echoes of the past also ring through the elegant bathrooms with their wooden coffered ceilings, where the monumental Camelot bathtub with hand-crafted antique copper finish is a fitting centrepiece. It is complemented by the Coventry tap collection (also with ancient copper finish) and the sophisticated bouquet of flowers and leaves of the Giacarta wallpaper, designed by Vito Nesta.