Museum-home, Milan

Project by Biagio Forino
Photo by Chiara Cadeddu
Statues, paintings, prints, sculptural lamps, and crystal and porcelain vases: contemporary art is what defines the essence of this prestigious apartment designed by Milanese architect Biagio Forino for an eminent family of collectors. The interior design of this museum-meets-home is built entirely around its works of art. These bring magnificent pops of colour to the white, beige, black and rich brown of the floors, walls and furnishings, which provide a neutral backdrop allowing the series of works in this remarkable private collection to take centre stage, just as the clients wanted. In the elegant bathrooms, the starring roles are taken by the neo-romantic freestanding Aurora bath, the exquisite marble of the floors, the walls and the top of the Season vanity unit, and in the clean lines of the Black Harold mirror with personalised Time lamps.