Private residence, Paris

Credits: Gérard Faivre
In a luxurious Haussmannian apartment, brimming with works of art and design furniture, the architects and artisans of Devon&Devon have created a bathroom in which every detail plays a part in creating a perfect equilibrium of luxury and comfort. The pure white colour of the fine Atelier18 floorings, the pitch black of the large vanity units, the timeless elegance of fine marble and diamond mirrors and the splendour of the gold details recall the sophisticated moods and bold colour contrasts with which interior designer Gerard Faivre has harmoniously connected all the spaces in the home. The irresistible charm of the iconic Aurora Bijoux bathtub, set in the middle of the room, is the coup de théâtre that gives this bathroom a truly unique feel. A celebration of the desire to take care of oneself, presented in a setting of exceptional beauty.