Private residence, Stavropol

Credits: Mia Karlova & Elena Zufarova
Photo: Mikhail Loskutoff
A large garden - hosting an oak tree three centuries old - floods with light this magnificent historical residence, built in 1912 by an architect to make it his family home. Divided into small apartments at the time of the Soviets, the home was recently restored to its original splendour by Mia Karlova and Elena Zufarova.
Having carefully researched the history of the building and the genius loci of a city suspended between the south of Russia and the Caucasus, the two interior designers succeeded in preserving the retro mood of the building and fully satisfying their customers’ desire for a building that felt as if it had been their family home for a century.
They sought and purchased the design objects that furnish it in Europe together with the principals who, for the bathrooms, chose the yesteryear charm of the Admiral and Admiral Lux bathtubs with City and White Rose taps, the Tube lamp and the Chelsea accessories.