Sofitel The Obelisk, Dubai

Project by Duccio Grassi Architects
Photos by Sofitel Dubai the Obelisk
Opened at the end of 2020 in one of the most exclusive areas of Dubai, the Sofitel Dubai The Obelisk immediately became the go-to location for the most demanding international clientele. Its majestic silhouette, clearly inspired by the form of the Luxor obelisks, makes it instantly recognisable. The cultural heritage of Ancient Egypt, reinterpreted from an Art Deco perspective, is the most distinctive element of the communal areas, characterised by a mastery of stained glass columns topped with gold-plated capitals, towering portals decorated with multi-coloured stuccos, statues entirely covered in gold leaf, chandeliers adorned with Swarowski crystals and a large Egyptian 'key of life'-shaped swimming pool. Equally luxurious, but featuring a more contemporary taste and full digitalisation, the 595 rooms and suites have enormous windows that afford unique views of the old city of Dubai, its port and skyline. The hotel’s pride and joy is the imperial suite, spanning 500 square metres, designed by Duccio Grassi Architects, along with the “Cleopatra” Presidential suite and the “Napoleon” Ambassador suite. The unmistakable elegance and all-European charm of the iconic Aurora and Celine bathtubs were chosen for all the bathrooms.