Villa overlooking the sea, Croatia

Project by Koras interiors & Heros d.o.o
In a tiny coastal village near Spalato, once a fishing town and today an exclusive tourist destination, Croatian architecture and interior design studios Heros d.o.o. and Koras Interiors have designed a luxurious 330 m2 villa from scratch. Both the interiors and the exterior are inspired by a marked sense of minimalism. The shapes are pure, with almost no frills, and everything is built in such a way as to let nature do the talking, rushing in through the large gaps thrown open to the light blue sky and dark blue sea, and inundating each space with its light. Most of the furniture was custom-designed and produced by local craftsmen and women. Instead, the classic beauty of the Regal Colors freestanding cast iron bathtub comes from Italy, strategically placed in front of the window of the large master bathroom to create a stunning visual effect.