With Holiday and Dove, Devon&Devon and Gensler
revolutionise the design of the bathtub

I hate straight singing. I have to change a tune to my own way of doing it.

Billie Holiday, in “Lady Sings the Blues”, 1956
The Holiday and Dove modular bathtubs, designed by Devon&Devon in collaboration with one of the leading global architecture and design firm Gensler, are heralding a radical change in the traditional approach to the design, production, and personalization of bathtubs. The all-original, unique concept is developed around two bathtubs (one rimmed and one rimless) which - combined with the same tub shell and the same skirt covering the base - generate a surprising multiplicity of aesthetic and functional solutions.
“Having reinvented the bathroom in the spirit of timeless beauty and unrivalled comfort – explains Nicola Bertini, General Manager of Devon&Devon – we are particularly pleased to be closing the celebrations for our thirtieth anniversary by joining forces with Gensler to write a brand new page in the millennial history of bathtub design”. The sophisticated elegance of Holiday, inspired by the Art Deco movement, combines a rimmed tub that nests inside of the outer tub shell. The rim, with its top flat surface, allows taps to be mounted directly onto it. Dove is equally versatile and is available in two versions. The first, with a distinctly contemporary look, combines the rimless tub with the same tub shell used for the Holiday. The second version uses a standalone rimless tub insert and offers a playful reinterpretation of claw-foot tubs. Holiday and Dove not only share the same shell but both also offer sophisticated options such as the plinth covered in smooth or moulded fine gold Calacatta marble. And they can both be matched with the entire collection of Devon&Devon taps.
“We worked from a point of view of finding a design solution that is both classic and contemporary,” explains Daniel Stromborg, Product Design Director at Gensler. “The collection was inspired by Streamline Moderne, pulling from it the decidedly American twist on this Art Deco movement. We retained the memory of it – reinterpreting simple shapes, refined materials and subtle details – while consciously moving towards meeting the requirements of contemporary interior design. The modular nature of the collection is oriented towards offering customizable solutions in shape and material.”
The body of the two baths and that of the liner are made of White Tec Plus, an innovative compound with an extraordinarily velvety feel that ensures compliance with the highest standards of sustainability. Certified Greenguard Gold, it is durable, recyclable, 100% restorable, non-toxic, non-allergenic and easy to maintain: the perfect solution for both the hotel and contract sectors.