Aurora White: the birth of a dream

All the beauty of sustainability
It all begins with an extraordinary raw material: Aurora White owes its unmistakeable shape to White Tec Plus, an exclusive, salubrious and sustainable material made with Biobased® plant-derived resins. The mixture for this unique compound is cast in a fibreglass mould which, thanks to an extremely accurate engineering process, perfectly models its shapely lines, of neo-Romantic inspiration.
A magnificent alchemy
Once filled, the mould is placed in an oven at a high temperature so that the White Tec Plus can undergo the process of catalysis. This is where the molecules perform their magic, binding together to form a microscopic mesh that hardens and stabilises the mixture. An additional but gentler firing process smooths out any creases in the material, endowing it with an extraordinary level of resistance to mechanical stress.
The time it takes to achieve perfection
Quality takes time. To complete the White Tec Plus stabilisation process, Aurora White must return to room temperature gradually and naturally. Precise mechanical crafting processes enable our experts to finish the mouldings of the bathtub and define its elegant sculptural lines with the utmost accuracy. In this phase the plughole and overflow opening are also created.
Exquisite craftsmanship
Working with care, patience and the utmost attention to detail, our expert craftsmen and women do something that no smart machine is yet able to do: with the aid of a palm sander that simulates the complex movement of a hand, they finish the entire surface of Aurora White, giving it an extraordinarily homogeneous texture, a silky soft touch and a surprisingly natural look.
Quality with no compromises
A torch accompanies the final section of the production process: the craftsmen and women tasked with performing quality control meticulously check every detail of the bathtub, clean the surface with a damp cloth and protect it with a dust sheet. Aurora White is now ready to start its journey towards the most beautiful homes in the world.