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Devon&Devon shower trays: Made in Italy design, elegance and luxury

Shower trays with a minimalist design and rich decorative motifs to make your bathroom exclusive, elegant and sophisticated.

The unique design of Devon&Devon shower trays is the result of a skilful blend of functionality and aesthetics, of contemporary style and inspiration from the past.

According to the brand’s philosophy, the best way to enjoy your home is to do so in an exclusive manner, through complete and coordinated interior design solutions in which every detail is meticulously thought out. The shower is an indispensable element in the bathroom and every aspect of it contributes to its mood. Devon&Devon shower trays are made of White Tec, a blend with a characteristic white colour designed and processed to guarantee high technical performance that complies with the highest quality and environmental standards, and are embellished with original decorative motifs, perfect for furnishing sophisticated and elegant luxury spaces.

Every shower tray is the result of entirely Made in Italy craftsmanship with a classic, yet contemporary inspiration, and is available in different sizes: for example the 130 cm x 17 cm x 90 cm tray is perfect for large and open-plan bathrooms, while the 70 cm x 17 cm x 70 cm tray is ideal for medium or small showers, typical of more intimate and cosy modern rooms. Classic rectangular and square shapes are combined with unique, angular and pentagonal shapes. Devon&Devon assists customers with their design choices at every stage, and alongside its wide range of exclusive collections, the company designs tailor-made shower trays with a distinctly custom look.

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